Jazz dance is an upbeat rhythmic dance style and has many forms! From the traditional Fosse style Jazz class, modern jazz, to our street Jazz classes we have a class for each student’s individual style. Ballet technique in this dance form is highly recommended for any student wishing to develop and grow in the individual class chosen.

The class is broken down into six parts:

  • Isolated warm-ups and stretching

  • Balances

  • Turns

  • Leaps Across the Floor

  • Choreographed Combinations and Routines

  • Cool-down and Stretching

Dress Requirements

  • Bloch Tan jazz shoes (View Shoe)

  • ** DW Company members require tan shoes

  • Leotard of any style

  • Black dance shorts

  • Body Wrapper jazzy tan and or black tights, style #C-31/A-31